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Amateur radio

When radio becomes a hobby

Amateur radio operators have passed a state examination in which they have proven their knowledge of radio technology and the legal situation.

For this they are allowed to transmit on many different frequency ranges, from long wave to microwave, within the so-called amateur radio bands. An amateur radio operator is also allowed to use considerably higher transmission powers than the free radio operator.

This opens up wide possibilities in the choice of communication media.

Within the amateur radio community, which has several million members worldwide, there are many people whose hobby is running a radio station on a camping holiday, on the beach, from an exotic island or from high mountain peaks, in short from "outside".

The amateur radio operators even have their own satellites. "Half the world" can be reliably connected via the Es'hail-2 geostationary amateur radio satellite.

The licensed radio amateur can apply for the international radio amateur certificate HAREC (Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificates). This applies to many, but not to all countries in the world.


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