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DVB-T - reception in weak signal areas

Some people want to receive terrestrial digital television and see programs that are not available via satellite, e.g. local channels. In addition, the technical effort to receive DVB-T signals is somewhat lower compared to satellite reception.

However, if the television antenna receives a weak signal, there will be “blocks” in the picture and sound dropouts. In the worst case, the message “No signal” (or similar) appears on the screen. The first thing to do is to check whether the television antenna can be installed at a more favorable point and whether the orientation of the antenna provides the highest possible signal level. So-called "high gain antennas" ensure targeted reception from one direction.

If this means that TV reception is still not possible, it is advisable to purchase a "Car DVB-T tuner" such as that offered for installation in vehicles. Such devices are much “stronger” than the usual television receivers for domestic use. Car DVB-T tuners have two antenna sockets to which two antennas must be connected. Models with only one antenna input are not recommended. The supplied small antennas can be sufficient for the desired reception. Better than the supplied, small, antennas are definitely two "normal" TV antennas for the TV band in question. The reception outdoors is better than that under the roof, but this is usually better than that in a room. Nevertheless, a car DVB-T tuner can also be recommended for room reception.

The antennas should be attached a few meters apart. This brings greater signal growth and prevents the antennas from influencing each other.

It is recommended to mount a preamplifier directly on each of the receiving antennas. Most car DVB-T tuners output a supply voltage (5 volts or 12 volts) via the antenna cable. The preamplifiers must of course match the supply voltage. The antennas supplied have already integrated the preamplifier.

If you want to enjoy high-definition television, it must be ensured that the receiver has an "HDMI" output and that the screen is "HD" compatible.


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