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Freenet radios

Only approved in Germany

"Freenet" is a radio application that is only permitted in Germany. Their use is not permitted in other European countries because the frequencies there are assigned to other radio services.

For free radio operation abroad, we recommend PMR radio, the use of which is harmonized across Europe, or CB radio.

The "Freenet" radio standard provides 6 channels in analog technology (FM) or in digital technology (TDMA). If the digital technology "FDMA" is used, you can choose between 12 channels in the same frequency range.

The "Freenet" frequency range is 149 MHz in the VHF range. The range with a mobile device and an external antenna is roughly that of a CB radio with an external antenna.

The range of Freenet handheld radios is roughly that of good PMR devices and greater than that of CB handheld radios.

In the USA and several other countries there is a corresponding radio range called "Multi-Use Radio Service" (MURS).


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