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GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service

Radio standard used in the USA and Canada

It is a free radio application that is also used in some other American states.

There are different conditions of use for this depending on the country.

Technically speaking, it is an analog radio application in the UHF range at 462, b.z.w. 467 MHz. The type of modulation is FM. The transmission power can be up to 50 watts. Mobile antennas and external antennas are permitted. This means that distances of up to 100 km and more can be bridged with a free radio link.

Repeater operation is permitted for this radio application.

In Europe there is currently no such free radio standard with a comparable range. PMR and CB radio offer similar possibilities in Europe and Free-Net in Germany.

The picture shows a combination device with many functions, including two-way radio, radio, weather service receiver, alarm clock, flashing light, and much more.


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