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  • Wolfgang Waldner


Low Power Wide Area Network

All possible sensors and actuators should be connected to the internet in the future. This then gives rise to the "Internet of Things" (IOT). To make this possible, a radio standard is required that transmits data from time to time in an energy-efficient manner. LoRaWan is ideal for this area of ​​application. It was specially developed to send small amounts of data safely over long distances. It is not designed for broadband applications.

A small, battery-operated water level sensor can, for example, send the measured value every half hour for years to a distant gateway, which forwards the data to the Internet. The water level can then be called up there.

The LoRa standard can also allow a bidirectional connection if required. This naturally increases energy consumption. It is also possible to set up your own "outdoor" data network or to set up a "mesh" network.

In addition to LoRaWAN, there are also other, similar radio standards that were developed for the same area of ​​application:

SigFox, Symphony Link, NWAVE, RMPA und Weightless

The power box from "omnicharge" offers a set of LoRa devices as an accessory, which, among other things, should enable its users to stay in contact in the outdoor area.


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