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Mesh networks

Mesh networks for broadband communication

A meshed network is understood to be radio services that automatically select the communication path via one or more nodes. If a node fails and others are available, communication is handled via the remaining nodes.

Mesh networks exist both as an extension of existing signal coverage and those where only independent devices are connected to one another. These are, for example, in the "outback" with no connection to the outside world. With this technology, the users of a secluded group can also exchange picture, text, position and voice messages with one another via smartphone or tablet.

Here, too, the prerequisite is that the devices can connect to one another via radio waves. It may therefore be necessary to use separate “mesh routers” in exposed locations that enable a connection with others. The more such devices are within range, the more fail-safe the entire network becomes. The products to be mentioned here are e.g. Sonnet and GoTenna.


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