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Outdoor Smartphones

There are smartphones especially for rough use outdoors, which are characterized, among other things, by a robust housing, insensitive display and watertight, lockable interfaces.

Some devices have rubber gripping surfaces that provide more grip and are even reinforced with metal in places. Some models offer haptic buttons instead of the touch screen to navigate in the Android operating system. Another difference is the larger and / or exchangeable batteries. The outdoor smartphones are certified for drop and shock resistance and IP protection.

Outdoor devices should have the following characteristics:

Stable housing - possibly metal reinforced and with rubber inserts.

High protection class (IP67 or better IP68)

Physical buttons for operation with gloves.

The function of at least one key should be freely assignable.

The largest possible battery (at least 4,000 mAh).

Alternative unlock function to fingerprint.

At least current middle class hardware with a photo camera should be installed.


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