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Portable repeater

Mini - repeater RETEVIS RT 97

This handy device serves as a (provisional) repeater for radios. Set up on a hill, participants can use their radios to communicate over long distances. The transmission power of 10 watts on the one hand and the reception sensitivity of the device on the other hand are sufficient to communicate over many tens of kilometers. This applies to the VHF version as well as to the UHF version of the converter.

Of course, you also need a power supply and a radio antenna.

Legal operation in Europe is only permitted with the approval of the State Frequency Authority. Since the receiving frequency of this device is optionally 10 MHz or 5 MHz apart from the transmitting frequency, this could pose a problem for the approval, because other values ​​are common (e.g. 600 kHz, 4.6 MHz or 7.6 MHz).

Apart from the problems outlined above, operation in the amateur radio sector is not permitted because the device has neither remote control nor automatic identification.


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