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Robust technology

Mechanical requirements for devices for outdoor use

For outdoor use there are specially developed laptops, tablets, smartphones and cell phones that are mechanically and electrically robust (e.g. Panasonic Toughbook / Toughpad and similar).

Some of these devices are, to a certain extent, dirt, impact and splash-proof. Such devices have mainly been developed for work environments that require heavy-duty technology, such as construction sites.

Radios from former military stocks are unsurpassed in terms of their robustness. Since such devices often had to endure a lot before they were retired, buying them involves a certain risk. Military equipment is predestined for rough outdoor use. There is a wide range of accessories for mounting on vehicles and for "field use". Spare parts are mostly available even if you have to browse the web or relevant trade fairs for them. Military equipment is typically large and heavy compared to civil equipment. The prices are sometimes too high for the state of preservation. But if you have a well-functioning copy, you can enjoy its reliable technology for a long time.

A robust mechanical and electrical structure of the communication system is advantageous. Small and sensitive plugs, cables and contacts can soon be a cause of errors. Loose contacts are annoying and take away confidence in the reliability of the device.

The temperature ranges intended for operation are given in the manual for the devices used - the technical devices don't like it too hot and too cold! The storage location should be dry. Most devices are damaged by high humidity or moisture. Moisture-absorbing materials in the storage box are recommended.


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