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Satellite connection

For broadband connection, TV or radio reception.

There are few parts of the world where it would not be possible to watch TV or listen to the radio via satellite. Many campers appreciate this. Satellite reception not only offers television and radio programs but also Internet connectivity, and in some cases at the same time.

If there is no possibility of a connection to a terrestrial network provider, the realistic possibility remains that of a satellite connection. There are several providers of internet via satellite. This requires bidirectional devices that can receive from the satellite (downlink) and send to the satellite (uplink). The line of sight to the satellite must be given. There are portable and mobile devices for campers, trucks and boats that recognize their geographical position and automatically align the antennas. For permanently installed systems, some service providers offer a technician to set up and align the antenna.

The reliability of satellite connections is high and can be further improved by using larger antenna diameters. The minimum antenna size increases towards the edge of the so-called footprint of the satellite. The service providers often indicate the illuminated zone and the necessary antenna diameter on special cards. For some parts of the world that are only illuminated by a few satellites, such a service can cost more than in traditional metropolitan areas.

Where a satellite Internet system has been installed, a router can be connected as a hotspot, which supports VoIP telephony and many other functions.

With long-distance drivers and campers, you can see that a satellite connection can also be established "stationary", i.e. from the stationary vehicle.

Since the satellite, if it is in a geostationary orbit, moves around 36,000 km from Earth, the signal needs a certain amount of time (latency) to travel there and back, which can be problematic for some applications. Everyone knows the situation where a foreign correspondent is asked a question on television that he only answers with a delay ...


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