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Signalextention (part 2)

If the remote area is outside of a metropolitan area, you may be able to receive the signal from a remote base station. In order to increase the signal strength, it is often necessary to look for a receiving location with sufficient signal strength.

The chances of cell phone reception are greater on the vehicle roof than in the vehicle. There are several reasons for this:

the vehicle shields the signals

Outdoor antennas have a better signal gain

the roof antenna is at a higher height than the cell phone inside

Digital "repeaters" receive signals and send them out again. This can be done in the same technology or in a different one. To understand: For example, WLAN signals can be repeated as WLAN signals or GSM / UMTS / LTE signals can be converted to WLAN.

In this way, a WLAN hotspot can also be set up at a greater distance from a cell tower

Digital "repeaters" have the advantage that the network operator cannot be disturbed by faulty technology.

The radio horizon extends (depending on the frequency) somewhat beyond the optical horizon. Nevertheless, a line of sight guarantees better signal quality.

If there is no line of sight, but the signal strength is sufficient, it must be expected that this will change depending on the weather. This does not have to be a bad thing, as long as sufficient signal quality is still available in rain or snowfall. Trees, bushes and other vegetation represent an obstacle that also leads to weather-dependent signal attenuation.

It should be remembered that isolated devices in areas exposed to the landscape are at risk of lightning.


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