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The idea behind this website

Dear readers,

A look at the coverage maps of mobile network operators is enough to see that there are still numerous regions and areas that are not adequately covered by broadband and telephone services. But even within covered areas there are always so-called dead spots.

Those of you who venture into one, either privately or professionally, will worry about how to reach the "outside world". Discussing the various technical options for this is the subject of this website. In order to be generally understandable, some theoretical relationships have been simplified, but their statements remain correct. I ask the specialist for indulgence.

As everyone knows, technical development and the associated product development are progressing steadily. For this reason I did not want to go into the details of the devices too much in the descriptions of the possibilities in order to keep the articles up to date for as long as possible. That is why you will find general considerations and suggestions here rather than product recommendations.


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