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Tips for saving energy

Particular attention should be paid to the energy consumption of devices, unless you have enough "power" available.

Energy can be saved if you only allow a limited amount of time to communicate with the outside world and turn off the device for the rest of the time.

For radio connections, fixed, previously agreed times at which the radio device is put into operation have proven to be effective. It is important to make an unequivocal agreement regarding the radio frequency and the time so as not to (doubt) afterwards. A precisely set clock is essential. The so-called radio or GPS clocks are the most accurate. There must be clarity about the reference time (world time, local time, daylight saving time, ...).

With some devices, energy saving options can be activated via the user menu ("power-save", "eco-mode", "automatic power off", ...).

The technical data of the devices can usually be found on the last pages of the manuals. The power consumption and the supply voltage are then specified there.


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