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Which is the objective?

Before you go into an area where there is no "network", you have to ask yourself a few questions, such as who you want to contact, which connection security is necessary, how long the connection should be, etc.

For example, you will be asked whether you need an internet connection or whether you want to use the functions of your mobile phone. Perhaps the possibility of being able to make an emergency call or to reach the flight control center for the return flight is enough. However, you may want to get information about the weather or just want to be entertained so as not to feel lonely. Or maybe it is important to be in contact with the company headquarters during your activity, or to be available for loved ones.

Together with the duration of the stay in a remote area, such questions are at the beginning of the considerations on this topic. The entire composition of the technical equipment is derived from this.

The following questions need to be clarified:

What kind of communication is important to me?

How long do I stay in the outback?

How big is the distance to the people I want to reach?

Should the connection be possible at any time or only at agreed times?

What are the consequences of a failure of my equipment?

Do I want to use my devices outdoors (outdoors) or indoors (inside buildings)?

Would I like to use the equipment stationary (permanently installed), portable (portable) or mobile (from the vehicle)?

Can my devices withstand the expected weather conditions?

Do I know about the devices?

How big is my financial budget?

Only when you have clarified these points can you make the selection of the technical means.

It is also important that you can operate the devices safely. It would be inconvenient to have to study the manual first if necessary.

My tip: The easier and more practical the device is to use, the better. However, there are many devices with multi-assigned function keys, displays that are difficult to read and hidden menu items. Of course, this makes handling the devices more difficult. It is all the more important that you familiarize yourself with the operation of the device in advance.


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